Whether your defaults have been paid off

We are often asked whether it is possible to get a mortgage after a default. Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage with the right lender. There are many different mortgages, and lenders who specialize in different areas.

A high-street lender is more likely to decline the mortgage in this situation, while a lender who specializes in adverse credit will be the best option. It’s still not that easy to get a mortgage lenders that accept defaults by going to an adverse credit specialist lender. You’ll still have slim chances, particularly if you don’t prepare for the mortgage assessment.

Specialized lenders may not approve you if there is a default. Getting the right mortgage advice will improve your chances of getting a mortgage. It is important to have an expert by your side when it comes time to secure that crucial mortgage. This can help you maintain your credit rating.

The severity of a default on an unpaid phone bill is completely different from a default on a secured credit. Some lenders are able to distinguish the differences and will make an assessment accordingly. Some lenders, however, may not see the difference and refuse to loan altogether.

Many lenders will approve mortgages if the loan was secured or if a telephone bill is in default. It’s important to find the lender who is best for your situation. It’s important to seek the correct advice prior to approaching a lending institution. Each lender has their own criteria for assessing mortgage applications. It’s crucial to know your lender’s requirements before you apply. An expert’s advice is crucial in this area. An experienced adviser would be able to determine the best mortgage for you based on your situation.

Our advisors will first go over your personal information such as the amount you want to borrow and any deposit. After we have all the information, our advisors can start to check what products are available. It is important to know what information your credit report contains, particularly when you are applying for a loan with default. Your credit report will reveal the details lenders are also looking for. Your credit report will tell a lender whether you are suited to them or not.

Some lenders will still give you a loan, even if your defaults have not been satisfied. It’s important to be aware of this, particularly if you are in a hurry and need an immediate mortgage. We are surprised at how many people would have applied sooner if they knew this.

Some lenders may find it valuable to satisfy a default, but the most important thing for them is when the default occurred. Recent defaults are more problematic than previous defaults or credit issues. More issues on your credit report will make it harder to get a mortgage. Having a CCJ, or being on a debt management program in addition to having defaults shouldn’t prevent you from getting a loan.

Remember that even severe credit problems such as IVAs, bankruptcy and repossession can be overcome. It is important to remember that lenders will increase their rates and fees based on how bad your credit report is.

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