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Kamagra Oral Gel is used as a treatment for erectile malfunction. This oral jelly is available in individual-use packets of (yes) flavor. Kamagra, unlike most ED medicines, can be taken like a Jell O Shot, just like a young person. They do have different flavors, such as orange, chocolate and vanilla, in the Kamagra Oral Jelly. The same ingredient as Viagra is used in this jelly instead of Everclear. Kamagra, therefore, is often marketed to consumers as a less expensive alternative to medications such as Viagra or (which contain a similar medication called tadalafil).

Kamagra Oral Jelly has not been approved by the FDA for use in frat or American parties. It hasn’t yet been through the rigorous testing and approval processes that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all prescription medications, including ED medication like Viagra, requires. The FDA doesn’t have to approve something for it to be Kamagra effective. How effective is this stuff, then?

While Kamagra is the subject of relatively few studies, sildenafil (or sildenafil citrate) has been proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil inhibits phosphodiesterase 5, or PDE5. Originally, the drug was developed for treating medical conditions including hypertension. However, it was discovered that this medication had a positive effect on sexual performance.

The sildenafil in this medication inhibits the enzymes responsible for controlling blood flow through the erectile area of the penis. The muscles are able to perform normally. This makes it easy to achieve and maintain an erection. Numerous large-scale studies as well as numerous other reviews concluded that sildenafil was one of the best treatments for ED.

Kamagra has a simple, convenient and affordable form. It also works in the same manner as sildenafil-containing medications. You don’t read quote after quote from doctors urging you to take Kamagra. The sildenafil oral jelly has several drawbacks. First, there is no guarantee that the product is safe. It has not been FDA approved and has not been manufactured in a lab meeting strict safety guidelines.

Even if Kamagra is contraband, purchasing prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription could be very dangerous. It is important to use prescription medication like sildenafil at the proper dosage in order to achieve desired results. It is important to remember that the medication which alters the blood flow in the penis vessels may also have an effect on your blood-pressure. This can result in sudden drops of blood pressure which may be fatal.

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